We are 'Computing' Promoters!

We are a group of committed professionals with experience in respective fields, teamed-up to Create Stuff! Our goal is to create stuff as products or services (or simply presentations) to help our customers or friends around us. We provide services and love it, but we aim for products. There are hundreds of thousands of software companies providing services, but we focus on providing "custom" products. We help Entrepreneurs who have great ideas but no technology support. We help them to choose the right technological​, design and framework; then we build stuffs for them if we like their idea. There are a lot of other initiatives going on within our company, and people from different industries and domains partner with us to develop different 'products'; we believe that if you believe in something then we have resources for you. We define ourselves as a "Computing Promoters" than just a Software or IT Company.

Our Vision

At the core, our vision is Innovation, Creation, and Evolution. Innovation does not confine us to a particular domain, technology or procedure; we will innovate wherever we could. Creation is our second nature and our focus is to create useful stuff; we will continue to create solutions for many problems, systems to be efficient and outstanding relationships with our customers, society and everyone we work with. Last but not the least, we will keep Evolving to be stronger, dynamic and into many strains.

Our Leadership Principles


Inspire through action
In a successful team, people follow each other and not order. We set examples or win the first battle or prepare the stage, and then show others how something can be done. We inspire and help others through the actions we take and encourage everyone to act beyond their roles, as being successful means going above and beyond.

Visualize (and not just verbalize) and drive for action
Everything in this world started from nothing. Visualization is not only a way to see possibilities of the future, but also a way to explore opportunities and threats. We know that visualization takes very less energy than verbalization or arguments. We focus on visualization and find better ways to implement everything we do today. Taking action confirms our ideas that we visualize.

Smart use of time and resources
Every resource in this world is limited and successful people use resources smartly. Time is a resource that is available to everyone exactly the same – 24 hours a day. We use time properly to achieve more, whenever possible, we rearrange the To-Do lists, prioritize what matters the most and be efficient. We are thrifty in nature to find better options and don’t waste any valuable limited resources.

High respect for customers
Customers are not just paying us, but they can be our word-of-mouth marketers, our partners in success or even challenge us to improve. We highly respect our customers and treat them special. We occasionally reward them, remind them that we are thinking about them and makes sure that they are taken care of.

Make mistakes, but don't repeat
Leaders make mistakes, people who don’t make mistakes don’t try anything. We are no exceptions, sometimes, we make mistakes, but we learn from them. As soon as we learn, we share the learning with others, we learn from each other’s mistakes. We don’t repeat our mistakes.

Think small and big
Only thinking big may make us lose sight of the important small things, and thinking small may prevent us to see the big picture. We think both big and small when required, we take a deep dive into the smallest elements of what we do, to make sure the big things we plan are well backed up.

Be a celebrity in your field
People buy from the people they like, love and trust. We are celebrities in our field and not just work because we have to. We go beyond, love what we do and gain the love and trust within the team and also from our customers. We create identities by virtue of learning, drive and improving ourselves. We are not afraid of expressing ourselves and we act as a celebrity in our work.

Measurable Results
Success should be measurable. We don’t compare us with others, though we believe competition is healthy. We always challenge ourselves and deliver measurable results. We live, breathe and speak of results.