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Our i-Fi Management System can immensely help to secure your public Wi-Fi, boost your branding and will act as a powerful marketing tool for your Business.

Joy Deals

Our idea is to bring business & customer together on this platform, where our users will save more & even earn. Our vision is to blend ads, offers & consumer interests.


This is the professional services marketplace - Schedule Online. You're here to make yourself money. Not make yourself crazy. Our motto is “No Queue, No Hassle”.

Our Story

We are friends to our customers, we are committed to solve customer problems. Problems exist in different shapes and sizes, some are known and many are yet to be discovered. We are committed to solve different problems and offer simplified solutions. Join us to learn about our fun and adventourous journey. Our Goal can be summarized in just three words - "Innovation, Creation and Evolution". Our ritual is to follow our leadership principles. To learn more about our vision and leadership principles, please refer to this section.

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Our services

Creating something to Solve Problems

We believe in Creation - the one we are part of and the ones which are or will be ours.
We identify problems and invest our time to create practical solutions (maybe a system, tool, process or just theories).

Digitize Everything

We believe that as human beings with a short lifespan, we should enjoy the blessings of life, and automate everything else.
If we can create things to simplyfy our problems and be free from hassles, then we can enjoy more life-ventures.

Multiplying Happiness by Sharing

We believe that we won't be truly happy and successful, if we are not capable of Sharing our blessings. This world does not care and open the doors for those, who don't care about the world around them. Everything we gain, has a share for this world and we share our riches with others in need.

And many more...

We understand that it is difficult to live a vision, unless the vision gets a life of its own. We are working hard and seeking your co-operation to give a life to our Vision. Please reach out to us to learn more about us and our vision.